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Your Sound, Your Style

As your exclusive solo artist specializing in private events, J Henny brings a refined touch to elevate your occasion with 'Your Sound, Your Style.' Known for throwing an absolute party, I craft a customized experience that seamlessly aligns with your unique ambiance. I am committed to transforming your event into a sophisticated and memorable affair. From intimate soirées to grand celebrations, choose J Henny for a professionally curated, seamlessly executed private party soundtrack. It's more than an event – it's an elevated experience tailored exclusively for you.





Private Party Packages

Starting at $500

Classic Rhythm

Dive into the timeless beats with the Classic Rhythm Package. This option provides the essentials for an exceptional private party experience, including a thoughtfully curated playlist, seamless mixing, and an atmosphere that guarantees a memorable event. Enjoy the fundamental elements that set the stage for a night of unforgettable celebration.

Signature Sound Soiree

Elevate your private party with the Signature Sound Soiree. Building on the Classic Rhythm Package, this option introduces premium sound quality and enhanced lighting to create a truly immersive experience. Enjoy the sophistication of a carefully crafted soundtrack, personalized consultations, and a DJ set tailored to your unique taste. The Signature Sound Soiree is designed for those who seek an exceptional ambiance, featuring upgraded audio and visual elements for a next-level celebration.

Ultimate Party Fusion

Take your private party to unparalleled heights with the Ultimate Party Fusion. Building on the foundation of the Signature Sound Soiree, this all-inclusive package introduces a world of customization and special effects. Experience a dynamic blend of music genres, interactive crowd engagement, and a show-stopping performance, enhanced by custom lighting tailored to your preferences. From lasers to cold sparks, the Ultimate Party Fusion ensures an extraordinary and personalized experience that transcends the ordinary, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. This is the pinnacle of private party entertainment, where every detail is crafted to perfection.

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