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Crafting Your Day, Your Way

Welcome to the world of J Henny, where your wedding day becomes an unforgettable experience. As the sole DJ curating your celebration, I bring elite mixing talent, ensuring seamless beats that elevate the energy. Tailoring each playlist to your unique love story, I craft a musical journey that resonates with your vibe. Illuminate your venue with top-notch lighting, perfectly synchronized with the rhythm of your celebration. With thump-worthy sound from premium speakers, your wedding becomes a sensory delight. Boasting a proud 5-star rating on Facebook, choose me for a wedding celebration that blends professionalism with hip sophistication.




J Henny Morissey Reception 1 edit_edited.jpg

Wedding Packages

Starting at $1,500

Essential Elegance

Begin your journey into marital bliss with Essential Elegance, J Henny's starting wedding package. Immerse yourselves in a carefully curated playlist, premium sound, and ambient lighting to set the perfect mood for your special day. Trust in my expertise as the sole architect of each moment, ensuring a wedding experience that blends sophistication with simplicity

Radiant Harmony

Elevate your wedding day with Radiant Harmony, a package designed to infuse vibrancy into every moment. Experience premium sound, dynamic lighting, and a personalized playlist that captures the essence of your love story. As the mastermind behind the music, I'll orchestrate your wedding celebration with a harmonious blend of elegance and excitement.

Majestic Union

Embark on a journey of majestic unions with J Henny's premium wedding package, Majestic Unions. Revel in the epitome of audio excellence, featuring top-tier sound systems and a curated playlist that reflects your unique style. Choose from a selection of customized lighting options, transforming your venue into a visual masterpiece. With cold sparks, party accessories, and more, Majestic Unions ensures a wedding day that transcends ordinary celebrations.

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